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Thinking Of Selling In The Next 3 Months?

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The Reality Of Real Estate

With Zach Bayley-Hay

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Have you noticed any changes in the market?

We certainly have!

Gone are the times where every house is selling way below asking and steals are available wherever you are looking.


Interest rates are still high, but buyer's demand is pent up, so the market is picking up once again. There have been more and more multiple offer scenarios - in fact, one home I viewed with my clients was a semi-detached in Barrie listed for $579,000; it received 17 offers and sold for $710,000!


If you're considering buying but have some worries, feel free to reach out to us. We are here to help you navigate the market and explore your options, so you can make the best decision for you.

Wondering What The Market Was Up To In March?...

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Buying A Home?

Here you'll find a robust tool where you can access videos & reports covering the most common mistakes in the buying process.

This detailed home search tool helps people look for the perfect home and location. You can search by style, price range, area, and by map; not to mention see the prices homes sold at. It's likely the most intelligent way to look for a home. 

Selling A Home?

We have designed this tool to help you establish the value of your home. Here you will find a spot to enter some data about the type and style of your property.


With this tool, you can track the value of your home as it fluctuated with the market on a monthly basis. 

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Feel Free To Reach Out If You Have Any Questions
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By Logging In Below You Can



Price Range

City, Town Or County


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View Homes For Sale

See Sold Prices

& Much More!

(Quite Possibly The Best Real Estate App There Is!)


Area Information

Buying Reports/ Videos

Selling Reports/ Videos


If You Know Someone Who Wants To Buy Or Sell A Home
Introduce Them To Our One-Stop-Shop Platform Below

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